Aquatic foods' environmental impacts

Estimate the impact of aquaculture production and explore opportunities for improvements.

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An aquaculture farmer using FishPrint.
Why FishScores?

Environmental accounting can help aquaculture farms become more sustainable

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food systems. With its vast diversity, aquaculture has the potential to play a major role in improving the sustainability of food systems.

But as a farmer, extension worker, researcher, or policy-maker it can be hard to know where you are and where to go.

FishScores is about helping you understand the impact your farm has on the environment and fulfill aquaculture’s sustainability potential.

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Simplifying environmental impact assessments

Traditional impact assessments require large amounts of detailed data. FishScores helps you understand broad patterns of environmental impacts with data you already have at hand.

Consistent accounting for better decision-making

Because FishScores uses a standardized approach, you can easily make better comparisons and make better decisions to drive sustainable aquaculture production.

Removing the cost barrier

The high cost of traditional environmental impact assessments is a barrier for aquaculture farms of all sizes. With FishScores you get a free approximation in just a few minutes.

Get actionable recommendations

FishScores not only estimates the size of the environmental impacts, but also shows how they compare to other farms’ and how they could be improved.

What does FishScores do?

FishScores estimates the impacts from within the farm and from the feeds used

Farmer feeding their aquaculure pond

The impact of aquaculture on the environment is tied to how it uses natural resources.

FishScores estimates five dimensions of this impact: the amount of emissions of greenhouse gases, phosphorus, and nitrogen and the amount of water and land used by aquaculture farms.

FishScores takes into account two main sources of impacts. Those that originate from within the farm and those that are generated by the feeds used in production.

How does it work?

FishScores uses the best scientific data to make it easy for you

Woman carrying a basket of aquacuture foods

The environmental impacts of aquaculture foods is underpinned by modeling choices, rendering them incomparable. FishScores sources the underlying data from over 60 scientific publications and compiles them into a single, harmonized, open, and peer reviewed methodology.

FishScores uses patterns obtained from over 1,600 farms around the world to fill data gaps, so you can estimate the environmental impacts easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before.

We support over 25 taxa. From algae to salmon we're here to help you.

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